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by Ana Nordwig

April 22-April 25, 2019

The Classic Studio

Columbia College Chicago

*World Premiere

There is a room where your missing dryer socks go. In this room six souls, each with their own unique quirks, remain for as long as the clock shows time. Throw in The Machine, a sort-of companion and sort-of benevolent god who guides the souls and provides them with whatever they need. Enter an outsider, who will affect the world of these six souls in unimaginable ways and who must, in the end, discover for himself how to accept the uniqueness that each person holds within themselves.​


Mac- Sophia Rosado

One-R- Logan Sutherland

Ishque- Martin Andrade

Slater- Pierce Howard

Wimblefin- Andrew Casey

Lumen- Micki Downey

Bethany- Grace Trivax

Box Set- David Daugherty

Production Team

Director- Matthew Masino

Asst. Director- Teresa Elj

Stage Manager- Sonja Pardee

Asst. Stage Manager- Hannah Loessberg

Scenic Designer- Mary Moyers

Lighting Designer- Hannah Wein

Costume Designer- Molly Hill

Hair & Makeup Designer- Andrew Raymond Casey

Sound Designer- Matthew Masino

GeoParty! Sound Technician- Andrew Meyers

Prop Coordinators- Matthew Masino, Sonja Pardee

Violence Choreographer- Teresa Elj

Asst. Violence Choreographer- Lucia Frisancho

Ballet Choreographer- Ariel Triunfo

Spanish Language Coach- Ben Ortiz

German Language Advisor- Daphne Bichler

Mandarin Language Advisor- Keegan Smit

American Sign Language Coach- Ana Nordwig

Light Board Operator- Taylor Weber

Sound Board Operator- Elaina Nischan

Poster Designer- Stef Preda

Production Photography- Madison Kesselring

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